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Jan 06

10 Things to Eat & Drink When It’s Literally 10 Degrees Outside

By Ashley | Entree , Hot Beverage , Recipes , Uncategorized

Welcome to another freezing Friday in Chicago. I work 4 blocks from home, and still – the commute dread is REAL. My California blood ain’t made for this arctic weather. But I know too well that complaining about the cold only makes it worse. So I turn to steamy eats and drinks to warm me up and improve my mood on these gloomy days when I have the shivers from my head to my toes. Healthifed […]

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Jan 05

Spicy Orange Salmon with Slow Roasted Veggies

By Ashley | Entree , Uncategorized

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming? Personally, I am type A and easily overwhelmed, so I focus more on weekly goals/resolutions. Who knows what’s going to be happening in my unpredictable world months from now, so it’s one step at a time over here. 2016 is rough for us all in many ways. Slowing down is in order. Rather than work, work, work. Always rushing towards the next thing. Let’s live in the here […]

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Dec 31

Hello 2017

By Ashley | Uncategorized

Unlike the first few years of the blogging, the goal of this blog in 2016, was to create a style, and establish a brand to attract an audience. My food is approachable, fresh, seasonal, plant-based, and always delicious. Inspired by the seasons, my time in Italy, and my love for produce, coconut, and avocados. Among many other things! 2017 goals: I want you to get to know me outside of a few blog posts a […]

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Dec 11

Zoodle & Rotini Saute with Red Pepper Sauce

By Ashley | Entree , Uncategorized

Optimal flavor, color, and texture are all requirements for what I consider an excellent meal. The flavor aspect has always come naturally to me, and with practice, I have improved on achieving an enticing color palette and a variety of textures in a dish. It’s trial and error, so patience is key. Sometimes all these components come together beautifully on the first attempt, like this Zoodle and Rotini Saute with Red Pepper Sauce. This pasta […]

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Dec 02

Bourbon Butterscotch Custard Pie

By Ashley | Dessert , Uncategorized

When you really want to knock the socks off of your less-than-healthy friends and family who demand the most sugar-filled, butter laden holiday desserts (and always manage to steer clear of your kale salad and raw pecan pie), you make Bourbon Butterscotch Custard Pie! Because who doesn’t want their dessert spiked? And who can resist the sweet buttery flavor of butterscotch? Or custard? And to be truthful, the holidays are just cold, dark, sad winter days if […]

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Sep 19

No-Fail Falafel

By Ashley | Entree , Uncategorized

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I generally have no problem saying “No” to fried foods. I mean, sure. I love a certain level of grease just as much as the next person, but I have found that nut butter and coconut oil based treats usually satisfy my craving for fat. And avocados. Always avocados. Ohhhh, and Spaghetti Aglio, because you can’t beat pasta smothered in superb olive oil and sooo much garlic. Anyway, I can […]

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