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Jul 16

Peanut Butter Golden Milk Nice Cream Pie

By Ashley | Uncategorized

I made a dessert for all the foodies who love peanut butter, frozen desserts, and ice/nice cream. We’re calling it Peanut Butter Golden Milk Nice Cream Pie. My apologies for the mouthful-of-a-title. To wrap your head around this dessert, just think . . .  If peanut butter pie and nice cream conceived a child, this would be it! But way, there’s more . . .  The golden hue comes from turmeric and cinnamon, so this […]

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Feb 22

12 Simple Guidelines for More Nutritious Meals

By Ashley | Uncategorized

As an advocate for health and wellness, I realize that although eating well is important, it’s unrealistic and stressful to constantly plan and overthink meal time. That’s why I focus on little things I can do, that over time, make my mind and body a lot healthier and happier. These twelve guidelines are fun to implement, and are totally doable even with a tight budget or hectic schedule. Hopefully, you will find some new ideas […]

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Feb 07

Sharing is Caring: The Best Accessories for Sharing Essential Oils

By Ashley | Recipes , Uncategorized

I’m back with another oily post – introducing you to some oil accessories that keep my collection beautifully organized. From purple droppers to reliable cases, to snazzy roll-ons, essential oil supplies are a necessity for anyone growing their oil collection =) 2 ml Dropper Bottles – These little guys are awesome for measuring oils with precision. And the size makes them perfect for sharing smaller quantities. They are great testers for people who aren’t familiar […]

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Dec 28

My Favorite Roller Balls, the Prettiest Labels & Amazing Oil Blends

By Ashley | Uncategorized

You’ve probably noticed that Young Living essential oils have been appearing in my recipes over the last 9 months. From ice cream sandwiches to vinaigrettes, I love the bold, fresh flavor, ease of use, and incredible health benefits that PURE essential oils add to my meals. Today I am branching out and sharing the roller ball blends that have changed my life. Because I not only love creating food recipes, but also have a passion […]

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Jun 05

S’mores-Inspired Chocolate Cardamom Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes , Uncategorized

S’mores. Doesn’t that word evoke such nostalgia? I bet we all have at least one fond memory of a summer night that included a bon fire, citronella candles, loud music, booze lemonade, and a attempt to make the perfect, melty, chocolatey, just-burnt-enough s’more. There’s something magically about the process of cooking over an open fire surrounded by your clan. An the fact that sugar and chocolate are involved in the cherry, I mean . . […]

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Mar 24

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Protein Bars

By Ashley | Breakfast , Recipes , Snack , Uncategorized

Have you guys hear about the soothing turmeric and black pepper infused beverage that is all the rage. appropriately called Golden Milk. It’s easy to make at home but now it’s popping up in trendy restaurants as well! Yay? Nay? Personally, I have an aversion to all things turmeric. The color, the flavor, the scent. It’s sad to hate something SO HEALTHY and I wish it wasn’t the truth, but it’s seriously one of my […]

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