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Food blogger/photographer, kitchen coach, and yoga teacher based in Chicago. I help women find food freedom and and help them on their holistic wellness journey through kitchen coaching, VIP days, group and private yoga + more!

My favorite ways to spend my time are developing recipes, practicing yoga, connecting with like-minded women + exploring the city with my husband. 

I’m passionate about helping women create approachable wellness practices that add joy and fulfillment to their lives =)

YOU deserve to live your best life WITHOUT stress or restriction!

You are worthy of everything you dream + More . . . Which begins with Listening to your inner goddess!

I've learned that wellness is more than one dimension, and my coaching + guidance has allowed people like you to redefine wellness + embrace intentional living.

Want Me To Personally Help Align Your Wellness Goals with Your Busy Schedule & Health Goals? I got you covered!

What Others Say


Working with Ashley as a kitchen coach has heightened my awareness of my eating habits and helped me be more intentional as I honor myself with time to eat and love foods that satiate me. I am grateful for my new journey.

Felicity Joy 

Kitchen Coaching Client


I’ve really appreciated Ashley's experience as plant-based chef in helping me broaden my horizons. She's exposed me to new wonderful raw ingredients and has opened up endless possibilities in making healthy (and delicious) meals that my whole family will eat . . . I also have to say it's brought me a greater sense of satisfaction about the foods I'm preparing and eating. Ashley’s simple-to-follow recipes have made cooking fun again for me (and even a little adventurous!) . . .What I like most about Ashley’s Kitchen Coaching Program is that it concentrates specifically on foods that will improve your skin, energy level and digestion. Each week I receive new recipes, the corresponding ingredients lists (to help me grocery shop) and have access to a private Facebook group where I can ask questions. It's been a great learning experience!”

Jess O. 

Kitchen Coaching & VIP Day Client


It took one VIP day with Ashley to shatter that overwhelm and create ease in our food prep - and now I feel excited about cooking on a daily basis! Ashley is a wealth of culinary knowledge and adapts so well to what we need to learn from her, and I've honestly never been so inspired to experiment with plant-based cooking. I now feel the pleasure of artistry is back in my kitchen, and I have Ashley's guidance to thank.

Pamela H.
VIP Day Client

Meet Ashley!
More About Me..

Ashley Perez is a Culinary Arts graduate, whole-foods chef and recipe developer specializing in sustainable, plant-based food, special diets, and holistic living. She worked as a Raw Vegan Chef for two years in the Chicago Suburbs where she discovered her passion for vegan cuisine and taught raw food classes. She resides in Forest Park and enjoys yoga, essential oils, exploring Chicago, traveling, and cooking for anyone who enjoys a fresh healthy meal. Her philosophy is eat pure, eat simple, and listen to your body, because when you nourish your body, you nourish your soul!

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"Eat Like You Love Yourself.
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Speak Like You Love Yourself.
Act Like You Love Yourself."

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