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Oct 17

Fresh Coconut Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free)

By Ashley | Dessert , Ice cream , paleo , Recipes

Ever since cracking open my first Young Thai Coconut to scoop the gorgeous white fruit and sip the refreshing water, this ingredient has held a special place in my heart! Since then, I’ve indulged in a few more, and even made my own coconut milk (blending the flesh and water to make a fresh, creamy milk) However, cracking into these tropical fruits is no easy feat, especially without the proper tools and adequate space. (Story […]

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May 29

Chai Caramel Pecan Shake (vegan, refined sugar-free)

By Ashley | Dessert , Ice cream , paleo , paleo , Recipes , Smoothie

Introducing a chai latte meets a milkshake meets soft-serve treat: She’s sweet, spicy, cold + creamy. She’s my Chai Caramel Pecan Shake – adaptogenic + superfood-packed, and great for Follicular phase support!  If you saw my IG/FB reel or TikTok for this dreamy frozen confection, you know why this recipe needs a permanent home on the blog!  It’s the perfect meal, snack or dessert, especially when topped with some yummy toppings (all about that crunch […]

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Apr 27

Elderberry Ice Cream with Blackberry Swirl (Vegan)

By Ashley | Dessert , Ice cream , paleo , Recipes

Let’s welcome warmer weather with an immune-boosting ice cream that’s just as healthy as it is delicious! 🍦💜🙌 ✨ELDERBERRY ICE CREAM WITH BLACKBERRY SWIRL ✨ New to the flavor of elderberry? I define it as If blueberry and lavender had a baby! Both floral, and fruity, I love it’s depth of flavor, especially in a creamy frozen dessert like coconut milk ice cream 😉 @navitasorganics makes an incredible elderberry powder that can literally be added […]

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Mar 03

Orange Chamomile + Honey Ice Cream (GF, DF)

By Ashley | Dessert , Ice cream , Recipes

An ice cream for winding down?! Who knew it could be a thing?? 😍🥥🍦🍨 This ADAPTOGENIC ORANGE, CHAMOMILE + HONEY is a relaxing blend of tart cherry, ashwaganda, raw honey, chamomile tea, + orange zest infused into a rich dreamy, creamy base 🍊🍒🍯 I used Peak and Valley’s Restore My Sleep adaptogen blend which is of the highest quality! Plus, don’t we love to support empowered women-owned companies? YES!!! Made with coconut and almond milks […]

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