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Feb 07

Perfect Pourover

By Ashley | Coffee , Hot Beverage , Recipes

If you love coffee and/or drink it every day, I cannot stress enough the importance of using an excellent pourover and buying freshly roasted, whole bean coffee! Truth is K-cups are wasteful. Coffee filters are wasteful. And although sometimes it’s necessary to grab a to-go beverage from a coffee shop or dare I say fast-food joint, it’s certainly wasteful to make it a daily habit. That being said, what’s the best way to create an […]

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Jan 06

10 Things to Eat & Drink When It’s Literally 10 Degrees Outside

By Ashley | Entree , Hot Beverage , Recipes , Uncategorized

Welcome to another freezing Friday in Chicago. I work 4 blocks from home, and still – the commute dread is REAL. My California blood ain’t made for this arctic weather. But I know too well that complaining about the cold only makes it worse. So I turn to steamy eats and drinks to warm me up and improve my mood on these gloomy days when I have the shivers from my head to my toes. Healthifed […]

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Nov 18

Fall Spice Apple Rooibos Latte

By Ashley | Hot Beverage , Recipes

Some girls get giddy when they receive roses. But me? I much prefer discovering 50 pounds of fruit in my trunk. That’s true love in my world. Luckily, most of it is apples, which last a while. But they obviously don’t last forever. So I have been challenging myself to create as many different recipes with apples as possible.  I came up with this apple cider-esque latte that is oh so comforting and captures the […]

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Jan 18

Vanilla Matcha Latte with Cashew Milk

By Ashley | Hot Beverage

I cannot explain how much I love hot beverages in the winter. Thus, I drink them all day, every day from the first chilly day in fall through most of the spring. So naturally, I can only drink so much black tea, green tea, soy lattes, etc. I am always searching for a new and drink that warms me up and excites my taste buds. After recently discovering the distinctive taste and antioxidant power of […]

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