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Jun 11

Date Sweetened Carrot Cake (GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Cake , Dessert , Recipes

Carrots have been GORGEOUS at the farmer’s market, so I couldn’t resist adding them to a yummy refined sugar free cake inspired by the lovely recipe in a new cookbook release by Jess Damuck! I tried the original version at Loaf Lounge a couple of months ago and wanted to put my own gluten free, egg free spin on it! Note that I made this sheet-cake style for quicker, easier assembly but you can certainly […]

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Apr 26

Healthy Bear Claw Cookies (GF, yeast-free, vegan, low-sugar)

By Ashley | Cookies , Cookies , Dessert , Recipes

I have fond memories of indulging in a bear claw from Panera in my teenage years! Although I’ve had much better, fresher pastries since those still have a piece of my heart ♥️  I still mess around with yeasted and laminated doughs every now and then, but sometimes I crave a healthy homemade treat that comes together in minutes rather than an entire day of labor =) Enter: these delicious cookies that have the same […]

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Nov 17

No-Bake Sugarless Purple Dessert Bars

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , paleo , Recipes , Snack

This creative treat will convert you to a purple sweet potato LOVER! A protein-packed, date-sweetened no-bake crust topped with a sweet and creamy beautifully colored mousse! It makes a great breakfast, snack and dessert, and is packed with nutrition from vibrant purple sweet potatoes, coconut cream, dates, Ayurvedic protein powder, and almond flour! Top with yogurt, more coconut cream and/or fruit for an extra-delish bite!  No-bake sugarless purple dessert bars – Paleo + Vegan! Base: […]

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Oct 20

Healthy Hostess (Cup)Cake (GF, Vegan, Refined Sugar-free)

By Ashley | Cake , Dessert , Recipes , Uncategorized

Because I was having a nostalgic moment! I’ve seen several variations of Hostess Cupcake revamps and this is my take on the trend!  You can of course make cupcakes if you wish, but the sheet cake version is quicker and easier to assemble!  Hostess Cake Recipe:  1 batch chocolate donuts from my blog (without the spices, baked in a 13X9 pan, cut in half and layered)  Whipped coconut cream (only use thick, sold cream, and […]

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Aug 12

High-Protein Hormone-Balanced Tiramisu Banana Cake (GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Cake , Dessert , Recipes

There’s no shortage of Tiramisu and Tiramisu-inspired desserts and breakfast treats on social media lately! However, many of them contain eggs, gluten, dairy, etc. or they don’t have the same luscious textures/ratio of cake, cream, coffee and cocoa that’s characteristic of a true Italian Tiramisu. I’ve also seem several limoncello and matcha versions which are seriously pushing the definition of “Tiramisu!” This recipe is unique in that it still tastes like the classic but with […]

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Jul 30

GF Vegan Baked Churros

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

Since making diet changes, I’ve found or created allergy-friendly substitutes for just about anything and everything from cakes to donuts to waffles to quiche, barbacoa, mozzarella, milkshakes and beyond . . . However, a healthier version of a fried cinnamon sugar coated confection like a churro is not something you see everyday, and certainly not a task I embarked on up to this point. Highly processed vegetable oils, gluten, eggs and dairy are ingredients that […]

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