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Oct 14

Sweet Potato Pie + Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowls (Vegan, Grain-free)

By Ashley | Recipes , Smoothie , Snack

TBH, I still love frozen creamy things even when it’s cold outside. So I trade my soft serve and frozen berry/stone fruit desserts for Fall-spiced frozen perfection like this SWEET POTATO PIE SMOOTHIE BOWL 🙌 It’s got the comfort of Thanksgiving desserts but the benefits of some super healthy ingredients.You’d never guess it’s full of fruits, veggies, and adaptogens! Make it for breakfast, lunch, a satiating afternoon treat, or dessert! And it’s fun to blend, […]

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May 29

Anytime Fruit Smoothie

By Ashley | Recipes , Smoothie

The key to this smoothie is using super-ripe fruit to elevate the flavors. I always stock up on fruit when it looks and smells good. Then if I don’t eat it all, I freeze it for smoothies like this. Also, don’t skip the nut butter: it adds flavor and makes the smoothie satiating. I like making mine super thick (hence the frozen banana and lack of liquid), so I can eat it with a spoon. […]

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Feb 02

Wake-Me-Up Winter Smoothie

By Ashley | Smoothie

Is it just me or do people seem to neglect fresh fruit in the winter? But why??? Citrus fruits are awesome. A little sweet, slightly tangy, and full of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Leafy greens and bananas are also readily available in the middle of winter when most of us are feeling unmotivated and less energetic. This simple drink is the perfect vehicle to wake up your brain and give you body a dose […]

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May 08

Green Coconut Smoothie

By Ashley | Smoothie

This smoothie is very similar to the others I have posted, but with one amazing addition: fresh coconut meat. I have avoided working with this ingredient for some time because I never thought it was worth my energy to hammer a coconut just to get a little water and meat. But after learning that opening young coconut does not require a hammer/screwdriver or drill, and after tasting the amazing flesh (which has a refreshing flavor […]

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Feb 06

Meyer Lemon & Coconut Smoothie

By Ashley | Smoothie

It’s Meyer lemon season and Trader Joe’s had a whole bag for $1.99! Lemons are one of the most nutritious foods, especially if you eat the flesh, not just the juice or zest. Meyer lemons are particularly ideal for consuming the flesh because they have less bitter white pith, thinner skin, and a more floral taste then other lemons.  If you are a coconut lover, try adding a handful of shredded coconut or a tablespoon […]

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Nov 19

Dreamsicle Smoothie

By Ashley | Breakfast , Chilled Beverage , Recipes , Smoothie

I have never understood why clementines are only available in huge bags – who can finish a 2 lb. bag in a reasonable time period? Well, I was bound a determined to do so. I added this delicious winter fruit to salads and snacked on them by themselves, but a smoothie is the perfect vehicle for transforming these little guys into something more indulgent, not to mention packing a powerful vitamin C punch during cold […]

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