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Oct 17

Fall Spice Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream & Antidote Fudge Sauce (GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

These immunity donuts were so damn tasty I decided to use that same cake batter to bring you another delicious fall-spiced, ultra-healthy dessert! This time, a beautiful cake adorned with coconut cream, chopped dark chocolate with ginger pieces, and an indulgent fudge sauce. Because spice cakes are good, but spice cakes covered in whipped cream and 2 kinds of chocolate are even better! This will make a gorgeous and delicious centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table […]

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Oct 12

Fall Spice Immunity Donuts (Baked, GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes

Problem: I don’t enjoy the taste of turmeric Solution: Hide it in donuts so that my other favorite spices and the cake-y fluffy texture are all I taste! Also . . .  Truth: Whether or not you love turmeric, you will love these donuts! Lie: Donuts are difficult to make and unhealthy!  And this recipe proves it . . .  For this recipe, I created a healthy fall-spiced cake batter (spiked with anti-inflammatory turmeric and […]

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Sep 27

Pumpkin Chai Blondies (GF, Vegan, Oil-free)

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

Chai Tea. Warm Spices, Pumpkin Puree. You can’t get any more “Autumn” than these dreamy Pumpkin Chai Blondies. This is the kind of dessert I think about all day long. I’m always ready to cozy up with a warm pumpkin dessert and hot cup of tea during chilly weather and when that dessert is homemade, oil free, and exceptionally delicious . . . I call it BLISS. Bake these for a Fall party, for a […]

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Sep 20

Black Pepper Red Lentil Hummus (GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Snack

Switching up our hummus today friends . . .  That is, using red lentils instead of the typical chickpeas, and adding delicious flavor from black pepper and orange vitality oils! Let’s do this! Why red lentils? They’re super affordable, high in protein, and overall, underrated. Also, lentil hummus is ultra smooth because unlike beans, red lentils don’t have a distinctive “skin.” My preferred hummus also involves roasting the garlic first and swapping tahini for almond […]

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Sep 02

Pumpkin Latte Brownies (GF, Vegan, Oil-Free)

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

Ringing in Fall with these super simple, seasonal Pumpkin Latte Brownies! It’s taken me 5 whole years to post a brownie recipe!!! (although I did develop this recipe for Mind Body Green a couple years ago 😉 Mostly for selfish reasons. Brownies have never been my go-to dessert, and they aren’t the best platform for being super creative, impressive and healthy. But August 31st happened and I started doing inventory of my pumpkin puree and […]

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Aug 14

Veggieful Gluten-Free Pasta

By Ashley | Entree , Recipes

I ate this nourishing veggie-packed pasta 5 nights in a row!!! Yesssss, it’s that delicious! The dish is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and interchangeable with the seasons! I linked my favorite lentil pasta so you can quickly order from Amazon and have it ready in your pantry for pasta night! Trader Joe’s also makes lentil pasta 😉 I love pasta because it is quick and easy enough for a weeknight but can easily be upgraded to […]

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