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Jun 19

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (No-churn, GF, Vegan, Paleo)

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

If I ever added up the amount of money I spend on pints of ice cream I would DIE right then and there.  Which is why I never even start keeping track 😉 The geniuses at Nadamoo can take all my money! Last summer I tried to lessen my dairy-free ice cream spending by making these fruity ice cream bars, and then these chocolate & cookie-studded ones. But this year I wanted to create the […]

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Jun 11

Easy, Soft-Baked Orange Tahini Cookies (GF, Vegan, Oil-free)

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes , Snack

I’ve been craving cookies HARDCORE lately. So much so that I cleaned out my freezer supply to the point that panic set in. A cookie-less freezer is no freezer of mine! But I’ve had a lot on my plate and haven’t felt overly ambitious to create any recipe that required new ingredients or more than a few minutes of my time. I was doing some recipe testing for someone using tahini, so I’ve been staring […]

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Apr 05

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes , Snack

These small (but mighty!) bites received a lot of love on social media so I believe they deserve their own blog post 😉 Chewy, slightly sweet, and dark chocolate studded – they’re the perfect treat to have ready in your freezer for healthy snacking. I consider them PERFECTION. With the flavor and texture of cookie dough and made entirely of whole foods, they deserve a gold metal. The maca and extra dark chocolate give them […]

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Mar 25

Breakfast Granola Tarts

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes

Pretty breakfasts taste better. That’s a fact. But let’s diverge from the typical gluten and sugar heavy sweets we associate with breakfast and explore a different morning treat, that’s just as beautiful, and just as delicious. The breakfast tart! A heart, crunchy, slightly sweet granola shell. Creamy, probiotic-packed, dairy-free yoga. Fresh, seasonal fruit. And your favorite toppings, if you want to take this meal to the next level! The only sugar comes from the natural […]

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Feb 09

Raw Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

By Ashley | Dessert , Raw Vegan Dessert , Recipes

Coming at ya with a highly requested recipe: Raw Meyer Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake. It’s raw, vegan and enhanced with lemon vitality oil. Crazy health benefits in a delicious irresistible dessert?! Hook. Me. Up. 😉 Lemon + Blueberry is a winning pair, and I love these flavors blended with rich creamy cashews and cacao butter in graham cracker-esque crust! Swoon! I am partial to Meyer lemons because they are in pique season and they have a […]

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Jan 19

Soft High-Vibe Lemon Cookies

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

These tender cookies are infused with mega lemon flavor and are high frequency thanks to Young Living lemon essential oil. Top them with my go-to fluffy plant-based buttercream and they are irresistible!  Don’t be mad, but I created a cookie recipe that has 5 types of flour! I know. I know. But they are super easy! And I provided substitutions, so it’s possible to make them with 3 types of flour. So can we be friends […]

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