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Apr 05

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes , Snack

These small (but mighty!) bites received a lot of love on social media so I believe they deserve their own blog post 😉 Chewy, slightly sweet, and dark chocolate studded – they’re the perfect treat to have ready in your freezer for healthy snacking. I consider them PERFECTION. With the flavor and texture of cookie dough and made entirely of whole foods, they deserve a gold metal. The maca and extra dark chocolate give them […]

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Mar 25

Breakfast Granola Tarts

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes

Pretty breakfasts taste better. That’s a fact. But let’s diverge from the typical gluten and sugar heavy sweets we associate with breakfast and explore a different morning treat, that’s just as beautiful, and just as delicious. The breakfast tart! A heart, crunchy, slightly sweet granola shell. Creamy, probiotic-packed, dairy-free yoga. Fresh, seasonal fruit. And your favorite toppings, if you want to take this meal to the next level! The only sugar comes from the natural […]

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Feb 09

Raw Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake

By Ashley | Dessert , Raw Vegan Dessert , Recipes

Coming at ya with a highly requested recipe: Raw Meyer Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake. It’s raw, vegan and enhanced with lemon vitality oil. Crazy health benefits in a delicious irresistible dessert?! Hook. Me. Up. 😉 Lemon + Blueberry is a winning pair, and I love these flavors blended with rich creamy cashews and cacao butter in graham cracker-esque crust! Swoon! I am partial to Meyer lemons because they are in pique season and they have a […]

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Jan 19

Soft High-Vibe Lemon Cookies

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

These tender cookies are infused with mega lemon flavor and are high frequency thanks to Young Living lemon essential oil. Top them with my go-to fluffy plant-based buttercream and they are irresistible!  Don’t be mad, but I created a cookie recipe that has 5 types of flour! I know. I know. But they are super easy! And I provided substitutions, so it’s possible to make them with 3 types of flour. So can we be friends […]

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Jan 13

No-Bake Gingerbread Bites

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , paleo , Recipes

I’m on a mission to make gingerbread a year-round thing! And these chewy, sweet, and spicy bites just may convince you to do the same! Not only do these easy, simple snacks taste divine, they are full of superfoods that will make your body and soul really FRICKIN’ HAPPY! Let’s talk ingredients: Oats: the Queen of resistant starches and antioxidant packed, there’s a reason we’re told to eat our oatmeal for breakfast 😉 Almond Butter: […]

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Jan 08

Vanilla & Chocolate Paleo Flan

By Ashley | Dessert , paleo , paleo , Recipes

My love for Mexican food runs DEEP. I mean ever since second grade when asked what my favorite meal is the answer has been tacos. And the best way to end a meal that involves tacos? Dulce de Leche. As in Mexican caramel. Which makes anything 100 times more delicious. Case in point, flan. I love that flan is lighter and airier than cheesecake, and that it’s always blanketed in a sheet of shiny caramel. […]

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