10 Things to Eat & Drink When It’s Literally 10 Degrees Outside

By Ashley | Entree

Jan 06

Welcome to another freezing Friday in Chicago. I work 4 blocks from home, and still – the commute dread is REAL. My California blood ain’t made for this arctic weather.

But I know too well that complaining about the cold only makes it worse. So I turn to steamy eats and drinks to warm me up and improve my mood on these gloomy days when I have the shivers from my head to my toes. Healthifed comfort food to the rescue! I also wear an obnoxiously fuzzy scarf and fleece lined leggings just about every day 😉

Below are some of my favorite ways to nourish myself and defeat cope with arctic winter temperatures!

10 Things to Eat & Drink When It’s Literally 10 Degrees Outside

  1. Broth-based Soup – Literally just warm broth with any leftover roasted or sauteed veggies and a handful of greens at the end. Add brown rice, quinoa or lentils for a heartier meal. P.S. – wild mushrooms are awesome for adrenal health =) I included a list of my favorite soup ingredients below =)
  2. Oatmeal with Sauteed Fruit – soak your oats overnight for faster cooking!
  3. Warm, Hearty Bread – the ultimate comfort food!
  4. Ramen – with lots of veggies and a soft cooked egg
  5. Indian Food – not only is the food hot, but the spices are warming!
  6. Herbal Tea (Rooibos, Lavender, Dandelion, Peppermint, etc.)
  7. Homemade Chai – worth the effort!
  8. Caramel Maca Latte – great for sex-drive too!
  9. Apple Rooibos Latte – a personal favorite!
  10. Hot Chocolate – because, DUH 






Wild mushrooms

Bell peppers

Sweet potato




Fresh, grated ginger

Arugula or kale


Veggie broth

Pumpkin puree


Coconut cream or cashew cream


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