Blueberry Streusel  Ice Cream Protein Bars – Grain-free + Vegan!

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Sep 07

Coming atcha with one last late summer recipe! Feel free to improvise with the ingredient amounts and customize to your liking. The idea was to combine my love for blueberry pie, ice cream, and streusel and nestle it all in a sweet cake base for easy handheld snacking. 

Not only are these paleo and vegan, but enhanced with adaptogens and lots of plant protein courtesy of Vanilla Ayurvedic Protein. For a discount on this delicious product (which is also the key ingredient in my Chocolate Chip Cookies from July!) visit Lizzy’s site and use code ASHLEY FOR 20% OFF! 

Now let me paint a quick picture of this incredible treat so you can decide for yourself how urgently you need to recreate it!

Imagine a base of protein-packed grain-free vanilla cake slathered with instant blueberry “Ice cream” and dollops of cream cheese. Then topped with a sweet buttery streusel!

Also – Imagine blueberry pie married with an ice cream sandwich!

Except it’s impossible to put into words something so delicious and equally healthy, so give it a try for yourself! And don’t forget to grab a bag of Ayurvedic Protein which will also become your go-to for upgrading your shakes and smoothies 😉

Blueberry Streusel  Ice Cream Protein Bars – Grain-free + Vegan!

To make: 

Take 1 cup leftover cake pieces from your favorite vanilla cake (I like baking with Cooggies and Simple Mills mixes), and blend in a food processor with 2 tbsp Ayurvedic Protein + 2-3 tbsp oat milk. Press into the bottom of a glass pyrex dish. Freeze while making the ice cream.  Blend 1 c canned coconut milk with 2 c frozen blueberries, 1 serving Ayurvedic Protein, 1 tsp vanilla, and optional sweetener, in a food processor until smooth and creamy. Spread over base along with dollops of vegan cream cheese (I use Spero Foods). Top with coconut streusel (mix shredded coconut, almond flour, chopped dates, honey, hemp seeds) or use a Paleo granola as a short-cut. Freeze until solid then cut into bars and store frozen.

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