Chai Caramel Pecan Shake (vegan, refined sugar-free)

By Ashley | Dessert

May 29

Introducing a chai latte meets a milkshake meets soft-serve treat: She’s sweet, spicy, cold + creamy. She’s my Chai Caramel Pecan Shake – adaptogenic + superfood-packed, and great for Follicular phase support! 

If you saw my IG/FB reel or TikTok for this dreamy frozen confection, you know why this recipe needs a permanent home on the blog! 

It’s the perfect meal, snack or dessert, especially when topped with some yummy toppings (all about that crunch factor!) and complete with a long spoon =) 

One bite in and you’re in heavenly paradise! You’d seriously never guess this decadent treat is so nourishing! Give her a whirl ASAP, and tag me @nourishwithashley with a photo/video of your creation!

If you’re curious about eating in alignment with your moon cycle, head to Agni’s blog, and check out both of our IG accounts for recipe collaborations featuring hormone-friendly recipes/foods for each phase as well as pregnancy and postpartum! 

Chai Caramel Pecan Shake

Blend the following in a high-speed blender: 

1 1/2 c Pecan milk, plus more for the second blend 

1 Four sigmatic chai packet (caffeine free and + packed with adaptogenic mushrooms!)

1-2 tbsp Agni Cinnamon maca seasoning 

Heaping tablespoon Nunature Superfoods date paste or 2 tbsp date syrup

1 ripe (but not super spotty) banana 

Pour mixture into 2-3 ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

The next day, pop out the cubes and reblend, streaming in 1/4-1/2 c pecan milk to get the mixture moving. It should be SUPER THICK, so don’t overblend

Transfer to a chilled glass and top with pecans/healthy pecan pie pieces + more cinnamon maca seasoning

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