Chocolate & Coffee Budino Tart (GF, Vegan)

By Ashley | Dessert

Nov 09

My two drugs of choice, chocolate and coffee join forces in this decadent (yet gluten-free and vegan!) show-stopping tart. This dessert is perfect for the holidays and can be made a few days ahead of time 😉

Budino aka Italian pudding is typically made with sugar, cream and eggs but I created this plant-based sugarless version so you can indulge in a slice and still feel awesome! 

Nut butter and coconut cream are healthy sources of fat that thicken the filling and create a velvet-like pudding consistency without the need for animal products. Yay!

The chocolate and almond butter temper the bold flavors of coffee and cardamom perfectly, so no one flavor outshines the others. And this gorgeous filling is nestled into a cookie-like crust and topped with a generous sprinkling of flakey sea salt. Our lives are complete!

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Chocolate & Coffee Budino Tart (GF, Vegan)


3/4 c rolled oats or 1 c oat flour

3/4 c sliced almonds

1 1/2 tbsp pure maple syrup

1 flax egg

If using rolled oats, grind them to a flour in a high speed blender. Then blend the oat flour and almonds in a blender or food processor until mostly broken down. MIx the maple syrup and flax egg and add to the blender/processor. Plus until a thick cookie dough like mixture forms. Press the mixture into a parchment lined 6 or 7 inch tart pan or 2-3 smaller tart pans. Bake at 300 degrees for 8-10 minutes on until the edges are crisp and slightly darker in color. Allow to cool while making the filling.

Note: For a chocolate version add 3 tbsp cocoa powder and 1/2 tbsp more maple syrup


1 Antidote Coffee Crunch + Cardamom Bar, chopped

1/2 c coconut cream

1/2 c nut milk or coconut water (from the can of coconut cream) or 1/2 c coffee for a more intense coffee flavor

1/4 c almond butter

1/4 c pumpkin puree

2 tbsp cacao powder

1/8-1/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt

4 Drops NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia

1 tbsp maple syrup (if not using Stevia add another 1/2 tbsp maple)

For Garnish:

Whipped coconut cream, pecans, pomegranate seeds 

Add the chopped chocolate, coconut cream, and nut milk/water/coffee to a small saucepan. Stir over low heat until smooth and creamy. Set aside.

Puree the almond butter, pumpkin, cacao, salt, stevia and maple syrup in a food processor until smooth. 

Stir the nut butter mixture into the hot chocolate mixture until incorporated. 

Cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator then pour into the crust(s) and refrigerate.

Before serving decorate with desired garnishes.

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