Inspiring Summer Eats

By Ashley | Recipes

Jul 04

Inspiring Summer Eats

Here’s a roundup of what I have been eating the past couple of months. These meals are budget-friendly, simple (yet delicious) and many don’t require your oven (some no cooking at all). 

I rarely follow recipes (and I never do on busy summer days) so that’s why this is more of a food journal to spark ideas rather than a formal recipe.

We all live different lives, with different priorities and unique tastebuds, so listen to what your body is asking for on this day, in this moment.

I hope you find some inspiration for creating your own meals that satisfy your cravings and nourish your amazing body.

Now to the eats . . . .

French Toast on sprouted bread. Topped with berries, this almond butter, and dairy-free yogurt.

Edamame noodles by Explore Cuisine! Cook just like regular pasta and mix with sauteed/roasted veggies and your favorite sauce or olive oil. I used homemade cilantro pesto.

Italian Avocado Toast on local yeast-free sourdough! Sauteed mushrooms, roasted bell peppers and arugula are what I’m loving as toppings lately.

Minigrow bowls. Horacio is the kitchen leader at this “build-your-own” concept lunch spot. On my last visit I got zoodles, roasted mushrooms, roasted broccoli roasted tomatoes, cashews, and black pepper tahini sauce. YUM!

Lentil & Veggie bowls! With sautéed kale and leftover veggies, then topped with avocado and sometimes hummus.

Iced Lattes. I make my own organic cold brew then add Califia Toasted Coconut Almond Milk or unsweetened Califia non-dairy creamer. I sometimes blend it with a superfood powder and cinnamon and pour over ice.

Green Juice/Smoothie. Literally just a green apple, peeled 1/3 orange, a few handfuls of greens, pinch sea salt, cinnamon bark oil, and water blended in the Vitamix =)

Lemon, Cayenne & Maple Detox Elixir

Cherry Cassis Kombucha – the perfect 8 oz. portion

Foraged serviceberries a couple blocks from my apartment. They are so sweet and flavorful this season =)

Hope your summer has been extra delicious! What yummy foods have you been enjoying lately?

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