My Favorite Roller Balls, the Prettiest Labels & Amazing Oil Blends

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Dec 28

You’ve probably noticed that Young Living essential oils have been appearing in my recipes over the last 9 months. From ice cream sandwiches to vinaigrettes, I love the bold, fresh flavor, ease of use, and incredible health benefits that PURE essential oils add to my meals.

Today I am branching out and sharing the roller ball blends that have changed my life. Because I not only love creating food recipes, but also have a passion for beauty recipes =)

What you’ll need:

Fractionated coconut oil
A few 10 ml roller balls
Mood Collection Vinyl Labels
Young Living essential oils
1 dropper

RECIPES (all Ashley’s original blends)

Inspire – 10 drops Valor + 10 drops Citrus Fresh

Peace – 5 drops Cypress + 5 drops Orange + 5 Drops Frankincense + 3 drops Lavender + 2 drops cinnamon

Passion – 7 drops Abundance + 7 drops Orange + 7 drops Cypress

Calm – 10 drops Stress Away + 10 drops Lavender

How I use each blend:

Inspire: My go-to perfume before I leave the house

Peace: Applied to my feet and wrists before bed or when I need grounding

Passion: Perfect massage oil or for date night

Calm: Throughout the day to calm anxiety of nerves

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