Refresh Salad

By Ashley | Recipes

Jun 21

This light salad is my answer to the question “What do I do with the rest of this gigantic watermelon?”

Because we are all in that situation at least once every summer. This recipe is also incredibly yummy. And takes 5 minutes to make. And it just leaves ya feeling light and fresh, and ready to conquer the world! The recipe makes 4 good-size servings. And to make it heartier, I bet it would be fantastic with some fresh shrimp or scallops, if you eat fish. So hustle to that big bowl of melon in the fridge and make yourself a light, beautiful lunch!

cuc melon salad

Refresh Salad

2 large organic cucumbers

2 c diced watermelon

1 large avocado

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp sesame oil

Sesame or chia seeds for topping

Using a vegetable peeler, create cucumber ribbons by making lengthwise strokes. Rotate the cucumber to another side once seeds are visible. Dice the watermelon into half inch cubes until you have 2 cups. Dice the avocado into ¼ inch pieces. Toss everything with the lemon juice and sesame oil. Top with seeds and enjoy immediately or refrigerate and eat within 8 hours.

cuc melon salad 2

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