Quick Curry Sauce

By Ashley | Recipes

Apr 25

Until recently, I have not had an outstanding curry at a restaurant. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel that there are too many flavors competing for my attention.

I am a simple gal. I like simple food. And definitely simple sauces.

Then . . . when I least expected it, I had a memorable curry that was quite perfect!

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

I don’t know if I just got lucky and picked a great dish or if my taste buds are changing. Point is, this delicious Thai meal inspired me to make a curry all on my own. I had no expectations, but I was blown away.

I made it in 10 minutes and it was perfectly balanced and flavorful and everything I hoped it would be. So give it a shot, even if you are a curry-hater like I recently was!

Quick Curry Sauce

1 c canned coconut milk (use light coconut milk for a lighter, less rich sauce)

¾ c veggie stock or broth

2 tbsp tamari

2 tbsp creamy almond butter

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

1 ½ tsp red curry paste (preferably Thai Kitchen)

Optional: 2 tsp roasted garlic paste (I make my own)

Shake the can of coconut milk before opening to prevent separation. Bring the first 4 ingredients to a gentle simmer, and allow to reduce slightly. Turn heat to low, and whisk in the remaining ingredients. Remove from heat. Serve immediately or cool, and refrigerate until ready to use. Serve with brown rice, veggies, organic tofu, or on a Thai-inspired salad.

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