Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

By Ashley | Dessert

Nov 30

Let me tell you: this is not one of those recipes that I leisurely created after doing hours of research, compiling recipes, trial runs, etc. These cupcakes were first created out of pure necessity. I received a call asking if I could bake cupcakes for a child’s birthday party the following afternoon. The catch: they had to be free of gluten, corn, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy. Although I had my share of experience with cooking allergen-free foods I was far from having a cake recipe that excluded so many foods. So I browsed Pinterest for inspiration, picked up some groceries, said a quick prayer, and so the baking frenzy began. Let’s just say the baking goddesses were looking over me. A couple hours later I emerged from the kitchen, feeling not only like a better baker, but also like a chemist. I had created a magical formula for the ultimate allergen-free cupcake (with some help from a vegan cupcake guide that’s circulating on Pinterest). Go ahead and have high expectations for these bundles of chocolatey goodness =)

chocolate cupcake single

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream (makes 18)

Gluten-free, vegan, soy free, nut free, egg free, dairy free

1 ½ c cane sugar

¾ c coconut oil

1 ½ tsp baking soda

1 ½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp sea salt

¾ c cocoa powder

1 ¾ c plus 2 tbsp allergen-free flour, such as Namaste Foods

1 ½ c coconut milk

1 ½ tbsp lemon juice

In a stand mixer, cream the sugar and oil until creamy. Sift dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add half of dry ingredients to mixer and mix on low until incorporated. Add the coconut milk and lemon juice and blend until incorporated. Add remaining flour, scrape sides of the bowl, and mix until no lumps remain. The batter should be smooth. Pour into a cake pan or lined cupcake pan. Bake cupcakes at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


¾ c softened coconut oil

1/3 c coconut milk

1 ½ tsp vanilla bean paste

Powdered sugar

Blend first 3 ingredients. Add powdered sugar ½ c at a time until frosting is stiff. Store at room temperature until ready to frost cupcakes. Pipe onto cooled cupcakes. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

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