Juicing – Day 1

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Apr 02

My greatest intention this Spring is to create a healthier lifestyle in order to rebuild my physical and mental health. Four weeks ago, a began oil pulling which has been proven to reduce infections, promote oral health, whiten teeth, reduce seasonal allergies . . . and who knows what other magic! It is definitely something worth researching and trying. And it is so much more convenient, cost-effective and healthier than treating these conditions with drugs, whitening strips, etc.

With that in mind, I decided to embark on a 5 day organic juice cleanse because it would be crazy to turn down the offer! I definitely need an abundance of vitamins these days (I am deficient in pretty much all of them) and as I emerge from this dreary winter my body is aching for some organic fruits and veggies. However, I adapted the standard 96 oz. (12 cups) a day that is consumed during Gerson therapy. I drank half that and included some solid food at breakfast and again later in the day once I was no longer full from the juices. Because this was my first time juicing, because I am trying to gain wait, and because I am on my feet 12 plus hours a day I believe that consuming only juice for 5 consecutive days would have been too intense for me. My primary reason for juicing is the vitamin boost and if it helps my body detox as well that is just the cherry on top.

avo toast roasted mushroom with mango sauce

Tuesday Day 1

9:15 AM: 2 slices sprouted grain toast, ½ large avocado, a few spinach leaves, 1 tsp extra-virgin olive oil

12:30 PM: Raw Vegan Cookie

1 PM: 16 oz Juice – apple, lemon, cucumber, leafy greens, ginger, spirulina, hemp protein, celery

4 PM: 16 oz. Juice – cucumber, apple, mint, maca, wheatgrass, celery

4:30 PM: 1 slice raw vegan pizza

6:15 PM: 16 oz. Juice – carrot, orange, apple, ginger

8:45 PM: Dried fig stuffed with raw walnuts and pistachios

9:30 PM: 1 Roasted portabello mushroom, 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tsp tamari, 2 tbsp mango sauce (mango, rainbow chard, olive oil), 4 kalamata olives

11:45 PM: 2 Raw vegan cookies, 1 large date with 2 tbsp almond butter and ½ tbsp shredded coconut

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