Pumpkin Mousse Tartlets

By Ashley | Dessert

Nov 01

A lot of times, nothing beats a simple recipe. All you need is a few ingredients and 20 minutes and you can create something simply spectacular. I was inspired by the raw (meaning unpasteurized) lusciously thick cream I had. I wanted to highlight this high-quality ingredient rather than let it get lost with a bunch of other ingredients. My sweet tooth told me pumpkin and honey would perfectly complement the cream, and my sweet tooth never lets me down. So enjoy this humble mousse that is a lot easier than trying to whip up an Italian meringue to fold into the cream. After tasting this mousse I am thinking of making an ice cream that is similar and just as simple!

 pumpkin mousse tartlet

Pumpkin Mousse Tartlets (makes 2-3 mini tarts)

Gluten-free and optional dairy-free



½ c shredded coconut flakes

½ c pecans (or rolled oats if you want it nut-free)

5 large dates

Pinch salt

¼ tsp cinnamon

In a food processor, process nuts, coconut, salt and cinnamon until finely ground

Add dates and process until a crumble forms: remove about 1/3 of it and continue processing until mixture easily sticks together between your fingers

Press the sticky mixture into 2-3 tartlet pans (preferably with removable bottoms)

Use the crumble on top of the tarts or use it on oatmeal, ice cream or anything really!


Pumpkin Mousse

2/3 c pumpkin  puree

½ c chilled raw heavy cream (if raw cream is unavailable or if you avoid dairy you can use chilled full-fat coconut cream)

1 ½-2 tbsp raw honey or pure maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla bean paste or seeds scraped from ½ small vanilla bean

Pinch cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice or whichever fall spices you like

In a large bowl, mix everything but the cream

Whip the cream to soft peaks and gently fold into pumpkin mixture

Spoon into tart shells, top with reserved crumble or coconut flakes, chopped pecans, and a little more honey, and chill immediately

*Freezing the tarts for a couple hours will make it easier to pop them out of the tartlet pans


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