Nov 04

Creamy Dreamy Green Smoothie

By Ashley | Breakfast , Recipes , Smoothie , Snack

This drink is seriously my go-to  breakfast or lunch energizer if my body is craving some extra greens. It tastes indulgent – the avocado, frozen banana and ice give it a thick creamy consistency. Also, the banana adds just enough sweetness to prevent it from tasting too green. If you are a fan of coconut milk or want to avoid nuts, it’s a great substitute for the almond milk. Sometimes I will add nut butter […]

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Nov 03

Walnut Oil and Lemon Poached Fish in Tomato Broth

By Ashley | Entree , Recipes

In honor of The Naked Food Life’s one week anniversary I am posted not one, but two recipes today. I know the site has only had a couple visitors but it will probably take some time to build a following . . . patience. The way I see the more recipes I post (I have them all on my The Naked Food Life board on pinterest as well) the faster the blog will get exposure. […]

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Nov 01

Pumpkin Mousse Tartlets

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

A lot of times, nothing beats a simple recipe. All you need is a few ingredients and 20 minutes and you can create something simply spectacular. I was inspired by the raw (meaning unpasteurized) lusciously thick cream I had. I wanted to highlight this high-quality ingredient rather than let it get lost with a bunch of other ingredients. My sweet tooth told me pumpkin and honey would perfectly complement the cream, and my sweet tooth […]

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Oct 29

Vanilla-Coconut Macaroon Pancakes (2 ways)

By Ashley | Breakfast , Recipes

Sometimes I just want pancakes. But not just any pancakes – sophisticated pancakes inspired by a cookie – in this case the classic coconut macaroon. I’ve been going through a coconut phase lately so when I got a craving for pancakes I thought “why not fill these guys with as much coconut flavor and texture as possible?!” Hence the coconut flakes, coconut milk, shredded coconut, and coconut oil, oh and coconut sauce. I’ve also been making […]

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Oct 28

Be Your Own Barista

By Ashley | Recipes

So . . . Tuesday is the first class at the Vegan Cafe in quite a while. Yayyy! I happen to be the teacher and I am thrilled that I got to choose the topic: Raw Brownies, Hot Chocolate, and Lattes (Visit for details). This time of year I live on hot beverages and I assume that I am not alone. For me, the greatest disadvantage of raw food is that it’s not hot . […]

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Oct 27


By Ashley | Uncategorized

Ashley here. Welcome to The Naked Food Life where I will begin to document my culinary creations using beautiful, fresh, NAKED ingredients. I have been taking photos of the majority of my meals for over two years and now I am motivated to share my triumphs with other health-centered foodies who also strive to nourish themselves with unprocessed foods. After discovering some truly amazing food blogs through pinterest, facebook, and other social media I am inspired to establish my own […]

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