May 24

Facial Cleansing Oil for Radiant Skin

By Ashley | Uncategorized

It’s been toooo longggg since I shared a non-food recipe, so I am sharing a diy product that I use every single day: Facial Cleansing Oil w/ Essential Oils! You simple need a small glass spray bottle, a few carrier oils, Vitamin E oil for extra soothing power + therepeutic grade essential oils (I use Young Living) that support skin health and smell beyond dreamy! If there are other oils that you know your skin […]

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May 06

GF Tres Leches Cake

By Ashley | Dessert , Recipes

There isn’t a huge void on the internet for many things . . .  In fact, there seems to be an abundance of just about everything! However – I have yet to find more than a handful of gluten free or vegan tres leches cakes, so this year for Cinco De Mayo I was determined to create an EPIC version that is both Vegan, Gluten Free, and less heavy on refined sugar! I made it […]

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Apr 17

Vanilla Mousse + Almond Shortbread Tartlets (makes 2-3 mini tarts, 4-8 servings)

By Ashley | Dessert , paleo

The plant-based yogurt game is STRONG these days which makes it easy and fun to get my probiotics in each day! Amongst my favorite brand is Lavva Yogurt made from. Pili nuts and coconut cream. It’s smooth, tangy, creamy and the perfect base for this quick Vanilla Mousse that makes a beautiful and memorable Spring dessert! The mousse is simply Vanilla Lavva whipped with full fat coconut cream and a bit of stevia to sweeten. […]

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Apr 14

No-Churn Cinnamon Vanilla Ice Cream (sugar free, vegan, paleo)

By Ashley | Uncategorized

Heyyy there! I’ve got the best news! I created a crazy easy no-churn ice cream made with just a handful of organic, plant-based ingredients. (thanks, So Delicious!) This frozen treat is full of sweet cinnamon, fragrant vanilla, caramel-ly dates, and is easily whipped up in a high-speed blender. It’s similar to this ice cream from last year, but doesn’t require you to order fancy coconut cream online. And I actually prefer an almond base over […]

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Apr 01

Red Rice Noodles with Roasted Veggies & Thai Almond Butter Sauce (Gf,Vegan)

By Ashley | Entree , Recipes

TBH, I haven’t been into pasta dishes AT ALL this winter. I hope my Italian grandma isn’t reading this! Soup – yes! Tacos – bring em on! Pizza – always! But pasta – meh. And then I was looking through the black hole that is my pantry and found Thai-style red rice noodles. And I was like, “woah – these are the perfect canvas for an Asian inspired sauce!” So I roasted up some veggies, […]

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