Jun 29

Healthy S’mores Iced Latte

By Ashley | Uncategorized

A nostalgic summer dessert transformed into a cool, creamy cookie and chocolate infused latte – DIY style!  This concoction uses three of my favorite high-vibe brands to create a perfectly well-balanced coffee drink worthy of any cafe or coffee shop =) So celebrate the season with a warm toasty S’more paired with a homemade S’mores Latte on a warm summer night!  Healthy S’mores Latte  Ingredients: 2 Partake Foods graham cookies, plus more for topping  1 […]

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Apr 30

High-Protein, Low Sugar Vanilla Cake with Fluffy Pink Frosting!

By Ashley | Breakfast , Cake , Dessert , Recipes

These days I have zero second thoughts about having cake for breakfast because this one is as healthy, satiating, and nourishing as it gets! 🥰🍰👌 With a gorgeous texture and flavor thanks to my favorite vanilla protein powder, pumpkin puree, and nut butter, your blood sugar will be healthy and happy too! Use code ASHLEY for 20% OFF your entire order! The frosting isn’t necessary, but it’s gorgeous, delicious and easy to make, so why […]

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Mar 19

Banana Bread Scones (GF, Vegan) (Makes 12 medium scones)

By Ashley | Breakfast , Dessert , Recipes

  Coffee shop scones are hit or miss, especially considering scones are meant to be served warm from the oven with tea and accompaniments (traditionally jam and clotted cream).  These soft, tender, and healthier banana bread scones have the beautiful flavor of banana bread and a soft tender buttery texture that’s the perfect scone/banana bread hybrid. The small pieces of butter that melt throughout and coconut yogurt create such a divine texture that’s impossible to […]

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Mar 10

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Ashley | Cookies , Dessert , paleo , paleo , Recipes

Soft cookie lovers – these are for you! Slightly crispy/chewy around the edges with a soft and pillowy interior. These have that perfect sweet caramelized flavor and are truly just a comforting classic. Of course they are amazing warm but also taste awesome the next day (simply store in an airtight container). I highly recommend a freezer stash of the dough as well 😉 What more can I say? Get baking! Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies  […]

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Jan 07

Chocolate Chip Cookie Oat Cake (Gf, Vegan, Refined sugar-free)

By Ashley | Breakfast , Cake , Cookies , Dessert , Recipes

This chocolate chip cookie oat cake is everything you love about a sweet gooey chewy chocolate chip cookie, made with nothing but the best ingredients! 💯 Packed with fiber, protein, unrefined carbs, and extra dark chocolate. Coconut sugar and dates create that irresistible caramelized cookie flavor. With a dose of my fave Ayurvedic Protein – USE CODE ASHLEY FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER! 😻 Because I will never sacrifice dessert in the name of health, […]

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Dec 15


By Ashley | Cookies , Cookies , Dessert , Recipes , Snack

Updated a blog recipe from 2 years ago for Veg News Holiday Cookie Contest! 🙌 These cookies are a hybrid of 2 holiday favorites: chocolate crinkle cookies and snickerdoodles. With a hint of mint and lots of chocolate flavor, they pair perfectly with a mug of hot chocolate or glass of non-dairy milk. The chewy, fudgy texture is unbeatable!  For a sandwich cookie, also try my Hot Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with the yummiest frosting!   […]

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