Healthy Hostess (Cup)Cake (GF, Vegan, Refined Sugar-free)

By Ashley | Cake

Oct 20

Because I was having a nostalgic moment!

I’ve seen several variations of Hostess Cupcake revamps and this is my take on the trend! 

You can of course make cupcakes if you wish, but the sheet cake version is quicker and easier to assemble! 

Hostess Cake Recipe: 

1 batch chocolate donuts from my blog (without the spices, baked in a 13X9 pan, cut in half and layered) 

Whipped coconut cream (only use thick, sold cream, and whip with an electric mixer on high speed) 

Chocolate Ganache (I used stevia sweetened dark chocolate melted with water to create a soft but firm “whipped” texture) or make this Fudge Sauce

Coconut butter icing using a piping bag 

Dare I say this DIY version is better than the OG?!!

Find out for yourself and report back ????

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