Vegan Ice Cream

By Ashley | Dessert

Jan 06

I am surprising myself by posting an ice cream in January considering I am ALWAYS cold. But I’m going through a coconut phase right now, and after creating and devouring this ice cream, there was no way I was waiting for warm weather to post it. It’s really quite magically, because it doesn’t taste like coconut or bananas! The flavors are subtle, but it is perfectly creamy, and the ultimate canvas for fruit, chocolate sauce, or whatever else you like on ice cream. It is even better than the sum of its parts. If you don’t have dates, trying subbing a few tablespoons of raw honey. You can also skip the banana if you are one of those really strange people that has banana phobia. My recommendation: leave enough space in your freezer for a couple containers of this stuff. It is fantastic alone or will take any dessert, or breakfast (hey, why not?) to the next level.

vegan ice cream with fruit

vegan ice cream with apricots

Vegan Ice Cream

1-1 ½ c coconut cream, from about 2 cans of coconut milk (avoid using any of the water at the bottom)

5-6 large pitted dates, soaked for at least an hour (or longer if the dates aren’t fresh)

1 ½ bananas, fresh or frozen

½ tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla or seeds from ½ vanilla bean

Optional: ¼ almond or peanut butter

With Ice Cream Machine: In a high speed blender, blend coconut cream on high speed until it is creamy, frothy, and aerated. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Chill for a few hours then churn in an ice cream maker until it reaches soft-serve consistency. Enjoy immediately or freeze in a shallow glass container for up to two weeks.

Without Ice Cream Machine: In a stand mixer, whip coconut cream with whisk attachment until it reaches medium peaks. Blend remaining ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Fold coconut cream into mixture and freeze in a shallow glass container until very firm, 2-4 hours depending on the size of the container and temperature of your freezer.

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