Raw Coconut Cookies

By Ashley | Raw Vegan Dessert

Mar 23

Coconut has been my latest craving so naturally I developed a quick to make, guiltless snack/dessert to satisfy myself while doing a great favor for my body. Gotta love when that happens! This is the same simple process as the other raw cookie recipes, so you can literally do it with your eyes closed. Unlike some raw coconut cookies, these are most and chewy. Bonus: they are free of agave so they have a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with the delicate flavor of coconut =)

raw coconut cookies

Raw Coconut Cookies

½ c almonds

½ c rolled oats

2 c shredded coconut

Pinch of salt

1/3 almond butter (homemade is best)

12 large chopped Medjool dates or ¾ c date paste

In a food processor, grind almonds and oats until mixture nearly reaches a flour. Pour into a bowl. Pulse coconut in processor until it is in fine pieces (but not a flour). Pour into bowl with nuts and oats. Stir in salt. Combine almond butter and dates in processor and run until well combined. Add dry ingredients to and process until a dough forms. If dough is too loose or sticky add another handful of coconut. Roll into balls or press into a pan, freeze, and cut. Store in the freezer. These are good for a couple of months frozen but I can guarantee they won’t last that long!

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